Alana Joli Abbott (alanajoli) wrote,
Alana Joli Abbott

Packing My Bags Blues

So here we are, the night before leaving, and I'm looking at piles of books, wondering what I should take. Last year, I painstakingly choose, and purchased, books that I thought would be appropriate for each site. This year, I'm finding myself pondering what each of the sites mean, in order to think what would be the most appropriate -- along with looking at my ever-growing to-be-read pile, and figuring out which choices best represent where I'm headed.

Then Percy Jackson waves his arms in the air from the bookshelf and says, "Even though I'm a hardcover, you're dying to find out how my adventures end!"

And, of course, Percy is right, even though I can't think of how The Last Olympian echoes Arthurian legend.

Tomorrow at this time, I'll be in the air, about five hours from landing in London. I'll be there above the world, looking down at what is. (Actually, I'll probably be asleep and ignoring the sites below.) I'd love to know what Jung thought of flying, of being in the sky and looking below at reality. If being underwater represents the unconscious, what does being above the land represent?

I'll try to pop by over the course of the trip, but if I'm not able to say hello, then I hope everyone has a wonderful end of May!
Tags: england trip, mythology, novel tourism, rick riordan
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