September 11th, 2007

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Nomi's Wish, Take 3

I got a very nice e-mail back from the editors at Abyss & Apex, saying that while "Nomi's Wish" was "well received" by the staff, they've decided to pass on it this time around. If I had to guess, I'd say it was still the difficult length; it's nice to hear that it was well received though! I'll definitely be keeping Abyss & Apex on my list of places to submit.

I have one last thought about what I might do with "Nomi's Wish" before I take it out of the submission cycle and follow Jeff Duntemann (jeff_duntemann)'s example and offer it up as an e-book. It's definitely a piece I believe in and would like people to read, so it'll get out there in the world one way or another.

Correction: I just reread their note, and they actually specified what they felt made it a less-than-good fit for the magazine. So it wasn't the length.