Alana Joli Abbott (alanajoli) wrote,
Alana Joli Abbott

A Little about Cowboys, Aliens, and Wars...

A break from mythology today to talk about current projects. I'm getting ready to start the second chapter of Cowboys and Aliens: Worlds at War (which is now being shortened to Worlds at War most of the places it's appearing, though I'm not entirely sure why). The second chapter is where the really original content is getting started. We're moving away from the heroes of the first volume and striking it out on our own, this time in Germany.

There are no cowboys in Germany in the 1870s, so it's also a move away from some of the Western themes and ideas that we've been using in the first chapter. One of the ideas in Lit of the West that I've always really liked is the setting as a character. It gets used in other fiction as well, but I think it's particularly pertinent in the literature of the frontier. Moving away from that into Berlin means we're suddenly in a "citified" environment. It's a bit disorienting for me to go from one to the next, and I wonder if I can bring a little bit of that into the story. (Given that it's about aliens attacking, "disorienting" is a fairly mild gerund for what people might be feeling.)


As a note, the little paragraph I did on using the term "American Indians" went up on Saturday. I know some folks were interested, although I think I probably already passed along the more pertinent bits to those who asked for them.
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