Alana Joli Abbott (alanajoli) wrote,
Alana Joli Abbott

Hard at Work

Sorry to vanish the last two days--I've been hard at work, mostly learning the new 4e rules in prep for running this weekend (which, in turn, is in prep for writing). I've also been hard at working-out, if such a thing can be said. We've gotten back on the boat, quite literally, starting sailing whenever the weather permits, and I'm relearning knots, parts of the boat, and other sailing terminology that I'd forgotten since last summer. I'm also back doing tae bo, trying to get into shape to go back to karate. (I know, the point of going to karate is to get in shape, right? Given my knee injury from last February which still isn't entirely better, I'm taking the cautious route.)

So working on work, working out, and devouring the nalini_singh novel that came in for me at the library. (I've read the first three of her Psy-Changelings series in backwards order now, and have the fourth on hold.) This, of course, completely distracted me from the productive things I should have been doing... like using my new cool magazine holders to sort through all of the "Secret Invasion" comics we've been picking up. Which is what I'm off to do now.
Tags: 4e, blogging, nalini singh, sailing
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