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Myth, the Universe, and Everything

The Journal of Writer Alana Joli Abbott

Alana Joli Abbott
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This is the livejournal of Alana Joli Abbott, author of the novels Into the Reach, Departure, and Redemption and the Choice of Games multiple-choice novel Choice of Kung Fu. Her short fiction has been featured in anthologies, including Ransom: Deals Gone Bad/Good and Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror. She is a contributing writer to the Steampunk Musha products, including the short-story anthology Tales of Rosuto Shima, a member of the award-winning team behind Serenity Adventures, and served as the writer for the Cowboys and Aliens II Web comic. Alana has worked as the Lead Director for the Role Playing Game Association and Kenzer and Company joint campaign, Living Kingdoms of Kalamar, and has written adventures for Xen'drik Expeditions and Living Forgotten Realms, as well as articles for Dungeon and Dragon magazines.